A Baby Blessingway

a virtual celebration for our friend, reverendmother, and the much anticipated reverendbaby

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Baby Blessingway

A Baby Blessingway

At your first Blessingway, we held space for you and prayed for you to grow into motherhood much as you had grown in pregnancy. We gave you tools to use in this journey in the stories we shared. We gave you something to hold onto in the song we created. We prayed you into being a mother much as we prayed C. into being birthed when we lit the candles and waited to see her beautiful face.

This time, you are already a mother, as now am I. The marks of motherhood have already begun to be cemented on our bodies. The love for our children cemented in our hearts and minds. Yet your role as mother is expanding...growing...getting deeper and wider as your family gets ready to expand with the birth of Gertie.

There is knowledge you now have about what happens after the birthing that is both comforting and frightening. You know what labor and delivery can do to your body. You know what havoc a new life in the house can create, even when it is a life you have wanted more than you have wanted anything in the world.

In this moment, in these coming days, both before and after Gertie arrives, if I could give you anything in the world I would give you space.
The perfect space in which to have this new daughter.
Space in which your body opens wide to deliver her.
Space to open up in your now family of three to make room for her presence and her life to come.
Space in your heart to love more than you ever thought you could.
Space with R. to grow into parenting both C. and this new joy.
An expansive space that holds all you need for both labor and delivery and the new ways the journey of motherhood, wifehood, womanhood, will unfold in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

Much, much love my sister~


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