A Baby Blessingway

a virtual celebration for our friend, reverendmother, and the much anticipated reverendbaby

Thursday, December 01, 2005


as you prepare for the birth of your precious child, i would like to give you a Grandmother's perspective.

actually, that's 'Rev. Grandma Dr.' according to my daughter. she says that the 'rev' is from God and that is the most important thing ... the 'dr' is from man, and that's ok ... but the 'grandma' is more important.

but i digress ... this is not about me me me.

there is nothing sweeter than a newborn grandbaby. to see your daughter's face as she lifts that precious bundle up to be held by grandma for the first time. the pride. the tears. the sweetness. a grandmother can only remember the time many years before when she too held a child up to the generation before to receive the blessing.

i think of Mary. the Bible does not tell us about her return home to her mother ... or even to Elizabeth, her beloved cousin. how did she feel when she held that Child up to be cuddled for the first time by her family. she KNEW He was the Saviour. she knew He was their Saviour.

i think of Simeon ... and Anna ... as they too held that newborn.

as you lift this precious new child up to receive the blessing and that first, precious kiss on the forehead, may you remember the myriads of mothers, and grandmothers, who have preceeded you.

it is a precious, precious picture, is it not?

every blessing on you and your sweet new one.


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