A Baby Blessingway

a virtual celebration for our friend, reverendmother, and the much anticipated reverendbaby

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Blessing from Gran

To reverendmother's child that she is carrying-
Blessings to you little one. Your birth will be celebrated near and far. Please know that you are already loved by so many. My blessing for you is that as you grow and take your place in this world that you may be comfortable with yourself, your body , your strengths and your weaknesses. May you always be up for a challenge and stretch yourself and as a result know the taste of sweet success and that you may not fear failure, but to learn and grow from all that you try and do. Being the little sister will hold many challenges but my prayer for you is that you will be true to yourself and be comfortable with how you are and not hold yourself in comparison with anyone else. Blessing to you little one. I look forward to knowing you; and from the things that I will learn from you. Love, Gran


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