A Baby Blessingway

a virtual celebration for our friend, reverendmother, and the much anticipated reverendbaby

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Before Birth: A Waiting Prayer

For reverendmother and her family, as you anticipate and live each day with
joy. May everything be exactly as you hoped and better...


Before Birth: A Waiting Prayer, written by Barrowby

Here Lord,
We await your gift of life.
Grown in secret
Now in ripeness
Full fruited
Ready to be received.

Lord, we long for our child,
Borne out of covenant love
Nurtured in love, hope, forgiveness,
Received as gift, blessing, joy.

Release in her abundant grace,
Enjoyment of all the earth affords,
Gentleness to those whose way has been hard,
Patience, kindliness, and faith.

We receive, nurture, and set free your gift,
Not only our child, but yours,
Yours to enjoy and delight in,
Our to marvel at your generosity.

Lord of all the living
God of the uncreated and yet to be
Create in us community
As we await your gift. Amen.


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