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Thursday, December 01, 2005

brother love

When my second child was born, his older brother rode with us on the gurney from Labor and Delivery to my room. He had been waiting with his grandmother just down the hall and was the first person in to see the new little fellow. During the pregnancy he had spoken of “our baby” and been one of the parties to choosing “our baby’s” name.

He was four years and almost eight months old, and he found the mewling bundle a bit disappointing. When we had been home for a few days, I asked, “Don’t you love the baby?”

He held his hands about six inches apart and said, “I love him this much.”

Soon the mewling became cooing, and within weeks little smiles began to appear on the baby’s face, most of them directed at Older Brother.

One beautiful day, he turned to me, flung his arms wide and said, “I love him this much!!!”

Loving God,
bless this growing family
as they share in the gift
of ever-expanding love. Amen.


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