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Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom that sprawled over oceans, countries and continents, there was a great gathering of the fairies of the land. They came from all over as fast as their little wings could carry them. Some of the fairies were beautiful and others quiet sweet. Each was very unique in their own right. They loved the Queen of their land with all of their hearts and would not have missed this great gathering for anything in the world. They were very protective of their Queen because she carried within her, under her very heart, the next new Princess of the land. They were already quiet smitten with Princess #1. The beautiful little cherub faced Princess was near and dear to them all but they had not know their beloved Queen when first Princess's blessing way was held. But this time, things would be quiet different.

Such excitement over a child that they had not even seen! Would she be blue eyed? Would she be blonde? Would she favor her Sister? Questions about this new little one flew from the fairies little mouths almost as fast as their beating wings! They held their blessings close to their hearts as they each waited their turn to bless this new life.

One by one they came forward and gently placed their hands upon the Queen. They whispered their blessings upon this child who had already stolen their hearts. Health, long life, peace, super powers and all natures of blessings were heaped out upon this little one. Finally, the last little fairy stood before the Queen. She was late to the party but that was not unusual. She clutched her pearl of a blessing tight as her filmy green wings held her aloft. She closed her eyes and touched the new princess through the skin of her mother and whispered, *My blessing for you is contentment. For in contentment, you will find everything else that you need in this big world.* Her blessing whispered...her job fulfilled...the little fairy looked around her. Yes, contentment...the very thing that she felt in the company of all of this royalty...all of this enchantment.


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