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Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Birth

When my younger sister’s second child was born, she invited me to attend the planned Cesarean delivery. I was stunned and thrilled. I was at that time thirty-two and unmarried, and not sure if I would have children of my own (and I have not, though today I have two most dear stepchildren).

When we went into the delivery room, a drape was hung across Nancy’s chest so that she couldn’t see the surgery that was going on in her abdominal area. Kind of a gyp for her, I think! As her husband and I leaned over her head, watching the birth, however, she realized that my glasses acted as a mirror and that if I kept my head in a certain position, she COULD see.

My goodness! The surgical procedure was amazing, but I CERTAINLY never imagined what a miracle it would be to see my niece Mallory Elizabeth suddenly appear from inside my sister! A whole new person! It was one of those things, like travel abroad, that make stunningly real something you have only heard about your entire life.

As I think about it, it was also amazing that I had my glasses on. I rarely wore them in those days, but I suppose I wanted to be able to see as well as possible! How immensely valuable they turned out to be, especially for the one giving birth.

May this offering to you, our dear friend, be a mirror of your birth experience that helps you to see it in many different ways.

Blessings to you and Revbaby!


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